Meet the Venture Camera!


The 3 in 1  Body Camera

Body Camera

Use the Venture as a body camera to record your everyday activities.  Easily clips onto just about anything.

Car Camera

The Venture body camera instantly turns into a car camera to record your drive.

Flashlight Recorder

Lost in the dark?  No problem.  Use Venture as a flashlight and record what you see.

External Cameras

Eye Vision

Clip on camera plugs into the Venture for point of view recording.  Clips onto glasses, baseball caps and shirt collars.

Head Vision

This headset plugs into the Venture to record what you see.  Fits securely and comfortably around your head.

Night Vision

The Night Vision camera plugs into your Venture so it can see and record up to 20 feet in pitch black darkness.

Covert Vision

Connect this external pinhole button camera to the Venture and you have an instant spy camera solution.


This is the camera for your everyday use. It's the world's smallest, lightest, and most versatile consumer body camera in the market today.  For the first time, we introduce the WOLFCOM® Venture, the consumer version of our police body worn camera. Ideal for doctors, lawyers, court processors, building inspectors, tow truck drivers or the everyday adventurer.

Woman on bicycle using Venture bodycam camera POV headset and bicycle mount

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