Body Camera for Professionals

In your profession, any mistake, misunderstanding, or downright lie can result in a malpractice lawsuit. Protect yourself and your business by having video documentation of your interactions with the public. VENTURE is ideal for doctors, nurses, EMT’s, social workers, and public servants.

Doctor using Venture bodycam clipped to her clothes
Venture bodycam on helmet GIF feature

Ride a Bike?

Look cool with VENTURE! No more goofy looking box camera on your head. VENTURE clips onto your helmet, handlebars, backpack, and clothing. Record to the camera itself.

Record and Prove your Work

You work hard to do your job well. But what happens when something goes wrong and the fingers being pointed at you. VENTURE will be your third eye. It will see and remember what you forgot, and will be the truth behind false accusations when you need it the most. Ideal for building and construction inspectors, engineers, and contractors.

Venture bodycam POV headset attachment external camera
Venture bodycam on suit

Document Everything on Video

Lawsuits happen fast and hit you like a ton of bricks. Everybody wants to sue everyone. Don’t get caught up in costly litigation. Take VENTURE with you wherever you go. It's lightweight and weighs only 2.2 ounces. Clip it to your shirt, belt, or purse. Ideal for lawyers, court processors, legal aids, repo men, tow truck drivers etc.

Instant Car Dash Camera

If you’re like me, you spend half your life in your vehicle. There are three things that can happen when you’re innocently driving your car. Road rage, traffic tickets, and traffic accidents. It seems like everyone’s out to get you. Across America, there are thousands of auto accidents occurring every month, tickets being written by cops, and angry people wanting a piece of you. Protect yourself with VENTURE. Drive for Uber or other ride share services? Just flip the VENTURE camera around when you’ve got a passenger. Record your drive anywhere, anytime.

Venture bodycam clipped to visor car cam feature
Venture bodycam versatile feature being clipped to clothes GIF

 Wearable and Clippable

Believe it or not, VENTURE is the world’s first body camera that makes sense. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, it's lightweight at 2.2 ounces and is smaller than a credit card. It’s easy to wear for both men and women. Now you can VENTURE anywhere!